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Spot your audience. Anytime. Anywhere.

In the heart of Sydney pumps a team of digital specialists ready to help you achieve your goals. Our data analysis experts, media practitioners, creative geniuses and operations professionals combine years of experience with real tine data to ensure success is only a click away.

Viewspotter leads the way in programmatic advertising

Viewspotter leads the way in programmatic advertising, using data to create unique customer segments that are highly compatible with your key target market.

Our programmatic platform uses real-time first party data and third party verified data to identify the best online audience for your campaign.

Viewspotter buys digital ads inventory through auctions, one impression at a time, or building direct relationships with publishers that have the right audience.

We target consumers based on their own interests using shopping history, browsing history and much more.

Regardless of device whether it’s mobile, tablet or desktop, we develop campaigns to interact with consumers at the right time, the right place.

That’s how Viewspotter can spot your audience. Anytime, Anywhere.

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We help meet your goals

Delivering real time, measurable results through the power of
digital media

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Learn from audience signals to customize a targeting approach that finds more people that look and act like your clients
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Native AD's

Capture consumer’s attention in an innovative less intrusive way through our native creative opportunities. Overlay these with audience behaviours in real time.
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3DP Audience Targeting

Access more than 60,000 segments through Viewspotter’s server-to-server data integrations to reach your client’s core target audiences
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Viewspotter’s geo-fencing technology enables clients to reach audiences based on their physical location with precise and granular parameters
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Follow consumers that have shown interest in your client across the web, optimizing in real-time to ensure you never overpay for underperforming impressions
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Connected TV

Target unique content only available via Connected TV devices and extend reach across viewers streaming content from connected devices and capture audiences shifting from traditional TV to streaming TV
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Private Market Place

Viewspotter has complete media buying capabilities across private exchanges and will develop custom private exchange package from our partnerships with a variety of exchange platforms and across 500+ publishers
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